Movie Poster Recreation

For the movie poster recreation, my biggest inspiration was the Super Bowl, as the game happened to be the day before the assignment was due. I mainly focused on replacing images of the 127 Hours poster with other things that fit the shapes appropriately. I used Doritos and other snack items to create the final product, which I felt was satisfactory and at least silly enough to make the average person laugh.

The Time

Through the process of this class I learned that, like many things, good work takes time. I learned that graphic design is not as simple as a few clicks and some photoshop effects but that it is hours of thinking and designing. The process of design I learned in this class has helped me with time management when it comes to my creative process. I am thankful for the projects, the deadlines, and the tools that this class came with. I am excited to step more into design and creativity.

The Book (pt. 2)

One of my favorite assignments was the book cover redesign project. Like I said in a pervious post it pushed me to design something more creative and really was a challenge. It was not until I saw it come to life in the picture below that I realized how much my, what seemed like, endless work payed off. 

The Class

This graphic design class pushed me to my design limits and also opened me up to the new possibilities of design. I learned how to use different programs and use different colors while also learning how to professional create design concepts. Projects like the logo design presnetation all the way to the journal assignments opened my mind (and eyes) to the possibility of design. This class will help me through the rest of my career and beyond.

Book Cover

This was one assingment that put me most out of my comfort zone. I was caught of guard at my inability to think outside the box when it came to designing something like this. All in all, I was extremely grateful for the lessons that I learned, and what the overall product looked like!



The image above is the book cver I created, while the image below is the book cover originally created. I just wanted to create a cover that focused on another aspect of the story besides the house. The Ten Little Indians poem in the story had a bigger impact on me than the house itself.


Photography Assignment

As someone who takes a lot of photos, I wasn’t sure how this assignment would go. Usually I am in a rush, but as I began to walk around and observe things I don’t usually pay attention to, I found it to be pretty cool just letting my mind and creativeness go within the camera.

Logo Designs

Coming up with a logo design also takes a bit time, because you want to make sure you communicate the company’s motto carefully. Logospire is a simple website which showcases a variety of logos created by designers. 

Movie poster

I chose the Top Gun poster as my inspiration because it had different shapes that would be easy to replace. As I changed the sun into a fire ring, I wanted the poster to be overlooking a fire pit but it did not work as well as I had planned. I changed my idea to be a camper/snowboarder so that I could incorporate more of the shapes present on the poster. While I was in the process of making my final product, I struggled with the size of the elements being held over the fire, but I wanted to stay as true as possible to the shapes that were taken from the original.