Chapter 4 Reading Notes

  1. Image modes and mediation- This would be when I try to manipulate photography, paintings or other images together. Sometimes when you mix certain social and historical context together it can cause the audience to experience different views.
  2. Semiology and stylization- This will help me when I am trying to show an important element such as a logo. Things such as its positioning where certain elements are supposed to be placed by still trying to convey a message.
  3. Illustration- this introduces me to try new things. When making a design I can use overlays and make abstract shapes. I can use this to act details that do not normally exist in a real scene or to exaggerate movement, space, or lighting.
  4. The medium is a message – This can be done by using different tools while designing. These would be things like adding softness or hardness to a photo. Examples are etching, linocut, ink, or charcoal.
  1. Graphic translation- This would be a way of combining an icon and symbol together. It can still translate a message. It does not necessarily need to be black and white. It is usually a flat and simple design.
  2. Collage: old & new – I think this is my favorite way of putting different elements together. It brings out different photos together and makes its look even cooler. An example is using two dimensional printed or found materials such as newspaper or fabric with another photo.
  1. Photography- By using photos that I take or use I can add another element to it. I could make it three dimensional or add different colors to certain areas. I could also do a black and white photo by using shadows and different lights.
  2. Type as image- I think using fonts are super important because it is usually the logo of a company. You can use fonts and make a shape out of It while still trying to portray a message. Examples would be alteration or form substitution.
  3. Mixing image styles- By adding different styles, I think it makes art more interesting. It is things you wouldn’t usually put together. By adding a picture in back of a font it can cause the viewer to see what the person is trying to convey.
  4. Word and image: brainwashing the narrative –One picture can mean different words or meanings when someone’s sees it. Word and image can create a single message that can change the viewers mind. It can alter their mindset.

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