Reading Notes Chapter 4

1.  How abstraction can change a simple object or shape in an image into something beautiful.

2. How the image mode is influenced by the medium of an image as well as the images simplicity.

3. Seismology: the study of relationships between signs and what they represent.

4. How the choice of using an illustration over photography removes the limitation of using real-world objects.

5. The distinct differences between drawing and painting. Also the characteristics that each bring to the designer.

6. The importance of realism in an image and how it can improve an image’s overall atmosphere.

7. How the medium of an illustration or photo communicates a message to the viewer.

8. How the type of image can change the perceptual filter the viewer associated with the image.

9. Mixing image styles can change the size, shape, color, and spatial arrangements of objects in an image.

10. The artistic power that semantic content plays when making an image.


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