Reading Notes | Appendices

Reading Notes / Appendices


  1. speak with one visual voice. – to draw attention make it different from everything else surrounding it. If I am going to work on a brand I should be consistent with the colors, typography and forms.
  2. use typefaces maximum. – when working with typefaces I won’t combine two similar fonts. I will use fewer fonts as well. I would use the same font but different style.
  3. Pick colors on purpose – I will choose colors that make sense. Certain colors bring out certain emotions. There are colors that look better next to each other.
  4. negative space is magical- when you add negative space it gives the object in the design more importance. The focus is on the main object.
  5. Be decisive – If you are indecisive your project will always be changing, and you are never going to finish the design. I have to make clear decisions about things like size and color.
  6. look to history but don’t repeat it – I think this is something that stuck out to me because we like certain art and we try to copy it. This is never good to do. You should be inspired by the art but never copy exactly the design of someone else’s.
  7. Symmetry is the ultimate evil – When creating art, it does not matter if your symmetry is equal. When designs are symmetrical it seems repetitive and does not give the design a new perspective.
  8. be universal; it’s not about you – It is important to realize that the art is not about you. Don’t just make things you like. Do what others would like and enjoy. When creating art people should do all kinds of things. You have to create foe everyone else.
  9. Ignore fashion – This can be hard because people want to jump on the latest or popular thing. Try to be steer away from the latest design trends just to relate to an audience. It shows you are not being original. The work will stand out more and people will notice it. Trends come and go and people will not be interested as much in it I think it is important to be a trendsetter and not do what it is the current market.
  10. Squish and separate – When doing this it makes the design livelier and not dull. A designer should be giving art more life. Even if it means moving things around and squishing and separating them. It gets the audience’s attention that the design has density.


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