Reading Notes p. 6-29

  1. Create something with a message
    • -this influenced me because its before the project is even created. There should be purpose and meaning behind each thing you create.
  2. Choosing the right color
    • this is important to the overall project because it wil depict the right type of message you want to convey. It doesn’t work if the colors are random and just put anywhere.
  3. Type
    • Using fonts and type to be incorporated into your design is crucial to understanding and using your space. often it can be used to support your overall vision
  4. Blank Spaces and how people view it
    • By adding intentional space in your design it can open up the gateway to how people interpret your designs
  5. Creating a design that many people can appreciate
    • by gearing your designs and projects in a way that can be understood by a large audience, you can reach a larger crowd. If its left open for interpretation your design could be used on many levels.
  6. Using symmetry, color, and depth
    • by relying on your own creative strengths you can find new ways to create a message and share an idea. Through different elements that work together you can share an idea in many ways, through various elements.
  7. Avoid being trendy or too close to whats in style
    • This really shifts the way we look at design because although we want to be relevant we also don’t want our designs to be swallowed up by the mass production of whats in style
  8. Being original
    • when designing and working through the process its important to stay close to your own creativity and not copy or replicate what has already been done.
  9. For designs to stand out they must have elements of similar designs but stand on their own
    • for a design to be recognized and have an association with its creator, there should be elements from what is original to the artist and designer
  10. The final product is yours
    • The design should encompass many areas that will keep the audience engaged and also allow for proper interpretation so that there is constant movement and interaction with the design

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