Reading Notes Ch.3

  1. The different densities of type makes it easier to identify proper spacing
    • While I am designing I want to pay more attention to why certain letter look better together and how I can use it to my advantage when making a design
  2. The size of a typeface appears different depending on the relationship between the size of the capital letters and the size of the lower case letters
    • In the design process, I want to identify why fonts the same size seem bigger or smaller and how that changes the way two fonts work together.
  3. Picking a typeface often comes down to the designers gut decision
    • I need to learn to understand that typeface relies more on my gut idea rather than on an exact science.  As I design, I want to observe why I think certain type faces work better than others and why I am drawn to particular typefaces.
  4. Contrast between typefaces should be recognizable
    • I often struggle to find typefaces that work well together.  As I design, I want to be careful to use different font for the purpose of creating contrast by choosing fonts that are not extremely similar to each other.
  5. Having paragraphs aligned left is preferred
    • When using paragraphs in my design, I want to change how I view the paragraph.  The ripples that are created from the left aligned paragraph because they are organic.
  6. Changing the width and size of the text can make the overall look of a paragraph more appealing.
    • I will often change a typeface because I do not like the way it looks in a paragraph.  However, I want to be more intentional on taking the type to change the width and size between lines and words to adjust the overall look of the paragraph.
  7. Always put more space between italicized words
    • Italicized words are written differently and therefore they also need to be spaced different.  I need to pay more attention to the details when I design and change the spacing between italicized words so that they are easier to read.
  8. Heavy type seems closer than thin type which seems to recede.
    • Different typefaces communicate multiple ideas.  As I design, I need to identify the multiple ideas that typeface is communicating and how it changes based on how closer the viewer feels towards the typeface.
  9. Changing the size, width, and weight of words can create clarity while also communicating the message effectively
    • Using size, width, and weight instead of using different fonts in a type family can emphasize words differently when I design.
  10. Changing the space between words can change the way certain words are emphasized.
    • I can use space to highlight importance in my design where more space creates a higher importance.  In the design process, I want to change how I use space to change the way words are interpreted in my design.

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