reading notes #2

1) color relationships- This model will help me when it comes to creating.  The wheel is a visual representation of colors. It positions the colors according to the primary, secondary, tertiary, and complementary colors. It helps the person creating to see the different colors ideas.

2)color psychology– I think this is important when because all of us think of colors as different meanings. Certain colors like red, blue, black, and white can mean all kinds of different things. The colors can influence and showcase different messages. It can also create emotions that people connect to.

3) color: form and space – When it comes to this I think it makes art look cooler and different. When applying color to composition it will have an effect on its hierarchy. When it comes to showing off characteristics it can enhance the hierarchic levels. It just makes certain colors pop out more.

4) color stories: coding with color – This can help when it comes to making graphics that use text. Most people develop a palette that will serve to show things such as headlines and the body. Anything can show the information and message. You don’t want to make it look confusing just be simple with the text. It is not good to use so many colors.

5)color proportioning:  This would help If I were going to emphasize and create the impact of composition. There are different variable systems. For example, there are systems that show color-coding relationships. This would include hue, value, saturation, and temperature. The colors can be the same hue but are different in the values and intensities.

 6) limited color systems: When it comes to color systems this is helpful if you are doing branding. As well as when it comes to printing. It can also show how colors overlap when it comes to images and illustrations. It can bring out certain elements and images with color.

7) temperature relationships: This relationship groups establishes colors together based on its temperature. These would be things like putting together 1 or 2 variations of the same hues that are warmer or cooler.

8)saturation relationships: This has an effect on value or temperature. This can be less intense to more intense. Hue is desaturated and can be more darker but it can also look cooler. It just gives off a rich color with different color palettes.

9) hue relationships – This can be independent with saturation and value. These would be things that lie on the color wheel that shows the rainbow of colors. When the colors are closer together you can see how similar other colors are too. But when they are father apart you can see how other colors can work with each other.

10) value relationships– The values of a palette can be either show off darkness or lightness. If you use a lighter value it can make the text seem like it does not have alot of impact. if a text or image is darker it shows that it has more value and impact.

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