Journal #3: choosing & using TYPE

  1. Type Sizes & Spacing
    • Setting type smaller or larger than the optimal reading size for text has an impact on spacing.
  2. Visual Variations
    • Not all viewers will perceive the same associations in a given type face; the designer needs to carefully evaluate the typeface selection in the context of the audience for a particular piece.
  3. Style Classifications
    • Classifying type helps a designer grasp subtle differences between styles, allowing them to select an appropriate typeface for a particular project.
  4. Know the Details
    • Selecting a type face for its feeling or mood is tricky and often comes down to a designers gut reaction to it.
  5. Combining Type Styles
    • A rule of thumb and a good start to mixing typefaces is to select two type families for a given job. It provides a framework for finding a maximum amount of contrast and it forces a designer to exercise some restraint.
  6. Alignment Logic
    • The alignment of the text has an effect on the spacing within it and on the search for desirable text setting.
  7. Type is Visual
    • Type is visual and in space it operates the same way that dots, lines, squares, fields of texture and patterns do in any composition.
  8. Typographic Color
    • Changing the typographic color of the components separates them from the surface and introduces the illusion of spatial depth and a sense of changing rhythm.
  9. The Texture of Language
    • The variation of typography texture- boldness, size, linearity, texture- is a source for typographic color. Approaching typographic material in a sensory way is a powerful method designers can employ in creating a more vivid text experience.
  10. Alignments, Masses, and Voids
    • Visual structure must evolve out of the verbal structure of language. The verbal sense helps define what material within it might be mass or line.

I haven’t really thought about typography, except to choose a font that I really like personally. I always try to choose one that fits the piece though, but its usually one I like and I guarantee that I haven’t thought half of these things through.

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