my design process

“If everything is “good“, then nothing really can be.”

Some things I noted from the reading that intrigue me or affect my design process are:

  1. Conceptualizing
    • I definitely think about things in my head before even attempting to do it and I usually make a plan as to how I’m going to do it (also in my head). I rarely draw anything because it feels archaic to draw something like 100 times and do the scene where the artist throws all the crumpled up attempts in the trashcan. It’s 2018, we attempting it on the computer and making changes as we go.
  2. Colors
    • I tend to use the colors I would use if the project were for me. Also, knowing which colors bring out certain moods is imperative to the vibe the project gives off.
  3. Less
    • I’ve never really done anything minimal. It has to have aspects to it that draw your eye. But sometimes minimal is good.
  4. Create
    • Good artists borrow, great artists STEAL. I don’t know who said that but I guess it stuck with me. I’m not the graphic design wizard that can create the image in my head. So I use free pictures from google.
  5. Voice 
    • Treat projects differently depending on the voice of the brand. Making all the parts look equal and in the same language and on the same page is something I’d say I’m good at.
  6. Type 
    • I have never used more than one type of font on a project, I guess the cohesiveness of it is something that I like.
  7. Purpose
    •  Every component on the page should have a purpose or contribute to the overall message.
  8. Measure
    • I usually measure with my eyes to gauge the overall aesthetic quality, if it doesn’t look good then I keep moving.
  9. Universal 
    • When they said “remember  that it’s not about you”, I gasped and dropped my cup. “WHAT?” Just kidding, I wasn’t THAT dramatic. For the most part I know that projects should be universal, but I also think that sometimes people bring things to you to do because of the personal flair that you bring to it. That, of course, is on a case-by-case basis and not to be confused with when people bring specific projects to you to do in their voice/brand.
  10. Squish
    • When I saw the example of the SYDNEY DANCE COMPANY with the squished and also separated text, I realized that this has been very popular recently with “hype churches” and their social media accounts. I thought it was cool, because it gives a very youthful appeal to it.

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