Affecting My Design Process

  1. Have a clear message.
    • I can sometimes create something that is just pleasing to look at, with no story behind it or no message.  Thinking of a story, and then making a design that depicts that story will help me to have a message to my designs.
  2. Keeping Typeface to a minimum.
    • It’s easy to find a typeface for a project, but keeping it at a few can be difficult especially when text is a big part of a project.  Just because multiple typefaces are pleasing to look at, it is good to be reminded to keep it at a minimal amount.
  3. Knowing the colors you want.
    • For me finding a color is difficult since there are so many colors and shades of those colors.  I end up usually picking a color that I’m familiar with.  Picking a different color and matching those with different combinations can help to make a design more appealing.
  4. Don’t fill up negative space.
    • Just knowing that blank spaces can bring more attention to your design helps since I’m not used to doing designs with negative space.
  5. Make your work universal.
    • I’m used to just making things that I would enjoy, but it would be good to make my work more about something others would enjoy and not just make something only a few people would enjoy.
  6. Be confident about decisions.
    • I can be indecisive about some decisions and try to change a shape, etc. Keeping the message I’m trying to send will help for decisions to be easier.
  7. Measure with your eyes.
    • I think most things look better symmetrically so measuring with my eyes is something I don’t do that much, but it should help in designs that are not meant to be symmetrical.
  8. Ignore present day fashion and trends.
    • When you are giving a design what the people want, it’s easy to just come up with something that is trending at the time.  However that trend wont always last so creating images that will last is key.
  9. Don’t repeat history.
    • Mainly just don’t recreate something that has already been done, be inspired by something sure, but do something no one has seen.
  10. Stay away form symmetry.
    • I’m used to symmetrical designing, but staying away from symmetry will only make my designs less lazy.  Using my eye for the measurements of the designs will make the design more appealing.

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