Changing My Design Process

1. Use restraint when choosing typefaces for your work.

  • I tend to let my creativity get the better of me when I work. Showing restraint can helped keep my work grounded on a specific form.

2. Picking a color out of convention isn’t always the right choice.

  • Colors carry a large amount of emotional weight. They can challenge me to stop and think about which colors I want to choose for a project.

3. Deal with negative space in a healthy way.

  • Negative space can be used to draw attention to the actual content. I can learn to leave space in my designs instead of jamming things into it.

4. Type needs to relate to everything else in the design.

  • Type is just as much a part of an image as all of the other factors. This can change how I use typography in my design process.

5. Don’t add things to an image that only you like.

  • One of the hardest things in design is trying to appeal to oneself and the audience. By thinking beyond myself and trying to be more universal, I can make my images more appealing to a wider audience.

6. Use darkness and light in concentrated areas.

  • Distinctions between light and dark must be clear in order to make the image more appealing. I can concentrate areas of light and dark to change the tonal value of my design process.

7. Be confident with the visual material you are placing.

  • Placing material in an image without confidence can portray a message of weakness or insecurity. I should be confident in my designs and what my plans are for them.

8. Measure elements with your eyes.

  • This can challenge me to use my eyes when making an image instead of relying on a ruler.

9. Create illusions of three-dimensional movement.

  • The idea that static images are boring and dull can help my design process to become more visually interesting and mysterious.

10. Symmetry isn’t necessary.

  • Symmetry is often static which in turn, makes it less visually interesting. By using more asymmetrical elements in my design process, I can give my images more dynamism.




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