Altering My Design Process

  1. Make sure that every piece of the design has a meaning that contributes to the overall message
    • This will alter my thought process when I decide what I should incorporate into my design.  It will help me to place my attention on the meaning rather than only the look of the image.
  2. Pick colors that go against the norm but that can still be understood by the common population
    • There are many direct associations that are made with color but the idea of using color that goes against the assumed associations challenges me to think of how the meaning of color can be manipulated in my designs.
  3. Use the type as an image that contributes to the overall look of my design
    • I have often seen typography as something that needs to be there rather than something that can contribute to my design.  Using the type as a part of my design changes how I use typography throughout my design process.
  4. Make sure the majority can understand the purpose behind the colors and shapes that I decide to use
    • I often struggle to look beyond my own perspective and by looking at my design from the perspective of the majority it will change what I decide to add or remove from my design throughout the design process.
  5. Using different light adds depth
    • This idea challenges me to use the same color in different shades to drag the eye through my designs rather than simply using light or dark design elements.
  6. Create your image out of nothing rather than using something that already exists
    • Creating something completely new is challenging and while other people have great ideas I want to challenge myself to create something original and to rely on my own creativity more than the work of other people.
  7. Don’t try to be trendy
    • This changes the way I approach my design and how I understand who the consumer of my design will be.  I want to make sure that as I go through the design process that my design appeals to my audience but does not look like other common design elements that are popular in our current society.
  8. It is better for the design to look messy than to use something that has already been created
    • Thinking outside of the box and beyond what has already been done is challenging but it is a part of the design process that should be considered before starting any designs.  Even if my design looks a little bit more messy, it is still better for me to create an original design without incorporating another person’s work.
  9. The designs that get noticed are the ones that do not look like the others
    • In my design process, I want to look for inspiration but not copy it or create something that is extremely similar.  
  10. Movement creates engagement
    • When going through the design process I want to purposely create dimension through color, shape, and typography so that the audience will desire to stay engaged with my design.

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