Movie poster

I chose the Top Gun poster as my inspiration because it had different shapes that would be easy to replace. As I changed the sun into a fire ring, I wanted the poster to be overlooking a fire pit but it did not work as well as I had planned. I changed my idea to be a camper/snowboarder so that I could incorporate more of the shapes present on the poster. While I was in the process of making my final product, I struggled with the size of the elements being held over the fire, but I wanted to stay as true as possible to the shapes that were taken from the original.

Identity Design

This was by far my favorite assignment of the semester. I have enjoyed being able to meet with the client to learn about their passions and how I would be able to help their process. Within the process, I got to know my partner very well, and because of this, we were able to make the project a product of the both of us. Looking to the future, I will use the elements that I learned in the meetings and in the Adobe Suite to help me create and bring dreams to life.

Book cover

I chose the Scarlet Letter for my book because it was one that I knew the most about. I enjoyed learning about it in high school and was excited for the opportunity to put my understanding of the story onto paper. I started off with three ideas. The first idea was to have a spotlight shining onto a scaffold and the shadow would make the inside shape of the A would be outlines by the spotlight. The second one would have a 50-shades-of-grey-feel with Dimmesdale’s’ collar with a red A on the chest. The third one would be the opening scene of the book with a rose under a window. There would be a shadow off of the rose, creating the outline of an A.

            After a lot of back and forth, I ended up changing the whole design and starting from scratch. I pulled inspiration from things that I found on Pinterest and was shown how to recreate it.

Personal aesthetic photos

In my photoshoot at Fashion Island, I focused my attention to the aesthetics that I am attracted to. I enjoy sitting at the koi pond, listening to the water, and watching the children look at the fish, it makes me feel relaxed. I took a friend because I felt awkward there by myself and wanted to capture how one can enjoy the surroundings within Fashion Island. I also focused on the shapes that were present in designs (the way that the light came through the awnings, the arcs of the water, and the tiles in the steps).

Journal 4-disbelief

After I looked through all of the different emotion words, chose disbelief because I currently am in disbelief that I will be graduating soon. I pulled apart “dis” and “belief” to further show how it can alienate you from things around you, or how it makes you feel in relation to your surroundings. I cut up dis using the knife tool for the continuity of this idea. Having “dis” and “belief” stretching to reconnect but still having a space between them allows the mind to have to stop and really look to see how close they are. I took “lie out and made the letters a little hollower because when there is disbelief, there is a chance that we know that there is a lie within whatever we are observing and we focus on that “lie” even if it is not real.

MayerWord Emotion

Type poster-foil letter

I used the whole roll of foil and wanted to throw the whole thing away at least three times. I started off by making a long strip and folding it to be very thin and flat. After I did this, I ripped it and wanted to not finish the project. I walked away for a few days to be able to come back with a new vision and renewed patience. I started off by thinking of what kind of font would be “unique” to me. I went with my initials that I use in my signature (easy enough for me, I have all M’s). I took a piece of paper and drew out my M and began to crush the foil and place it onto the paper shape. I wanted to make it all one shape, but running out of material made the decision to keep them separate easy. I decided to keep the letter bold because it stands for all three of my initials. In breaking down the color, I started off the tail with animal print. I thought this was comical but also showed the movement of this first segment of the letter. From there, the colors flow into a lighter blue with a sky gradient. The layout gives the eye a direction up the leg and into the middle element. At the top of the middle, there are different colors, but they are lighter on the left side, following the sky feel, and darker on the right, hinting at the rigidity that will soon follow. The last leg has different pattern alluding to the different pattern of the letters that will follow (for example, iranda, ichelle, or ayer).

History essay

I enjoyed researching and getting to know the style and images Erik Nitsche. When I was looking for photos that I could recreate, I was inspired and in awe of how easy to understand, but how hard to recreate his work was. His work was in a way whimsical but still functional. Within the design, there was a sense of respect for the message that was being conveyed while transforming the subject into something new. This inspired me for our identity design. I wanted to keep the designs functional while making the observer have to think about the design.