The Book Cover assignment was another project that I experienced immense emotional rollercoasters throughout. I knew that I wanted to somehow portray that Gatsbys unhealthly consumption with Daisy lead him to his death. This was my first draft,

I ended up hating everything about this, so I scratched the concept and went towards this route. 


Tilt Lab Logo

Designing potential logos for the Tilt Lab concept was defintley a growing experience. I very much experienced the artist phases in this process. This was an earlier logo that I wanted to contribute 

However, after some great constructive feedback I realized it was too dependent on geometric shape. I had a hard time picturing it on a masshead of a building. These thoughts lead me to the final design. 

I decided to simply the use of gemetric shape and went for a more youthful color. 

Massimo Vignelli

This guy is awesome! I wrote my history of design essay on him at the beginng of the semester. He has been a part of creating many famous brand logos. I think one of my favorite projects of his was creating the NYC subway map. 


One of my favorite bands HAIM are close to releasing their first album since 2013. I love how simple their website homepage and ads are right now. They have done a great job of incorporating image with text. 


Caribou Coffee Rebrand

I came across this piece on behance about this brands rebranding and I was very intrested by it. I was never attracted to this company before as I wasn’t a huge fan of their design (maybe I’m shallow) however, I think the rebrands use of simple geometric shapes makes it alot more pleasing to its consumers. 

Behance Trends: 

This link is to Behance’s 2017 Designer Trend Guide. This is a cool resource that shows alot of notable trends in design right now. Point 6 talked alot about geometric shapes which is something that is very evident in design.

This is an awesome website that has given me inspirtation. It has multiple categories that you can look through to see different areas of design. 

Book Cover Mood Board

I was very inspired by all of these pieces for my mood board. I wanted to origianlly incorporate some type of geometric shape in the cover. This is where I got my inspiration to use a gun and flowers from.