Reading Notes Appendix

  1. Create disharmony to draw attention
    • In my designs, if I am going to use chaos it needs to be for the purpose of drawing the eye to something that is outside of the chaos
  2. Multiple type faces can be used when there is a purpose for it
    • When I am presented with a design opportunity where I need to use multiple fonts, I need to be purposeful in my font choice and look at how all of the fonts work together to communicate my message.
  3. Sometimes it is necessary to pick colors that are unexpected
    • My job is to grab the attention of the audience and being aware of how choosing unexpected colors can grab attention more effectively will allow me to become a more successful designer as I walk through the design process.
  4. Never break the rule of negative space
    • Using negative space is so important that the rule can not be broken.  In my design process, I need to be aware that a good design will always use negative space.
  5. Words do not always need to be involved in the picture
    • Depending on the information being communicated my design may or may not need to have the words directly in contact with the picture.
  6. Type does not always need to be friendly as long as it is communicating your message well
    • Using only friendly designs can hinder the design process by creating a rule that only allows for the expected to be done and hindering new creative expressions.
  7. If squish and separate is not being used then there should be rhythmic movement
    • When I am designing squish and separate is helpful when it used with negative space but if it is not being used there should still be a rhythm and purpose to the design.
  8. Complexity without a clear purpose can become more engaging
    • When there is no clear purpose in the design process, it may cause confusion in the audience which may or may not lead to the audience seeking to find out more in the design.
  9. Mathematical elements can be necessary
    • Using rulers and measurements in the design process is not bad and can be extremely helpful when doing geometric or pattern designs.
  10. Occasionally being trendy can be beneficial
    • When designs are being used for short term purposes or to gain the attention of a particular audience for a season then being trendy can be beneficial for communicating a message.

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