This show is amazing!

If you don’t have Netflix I recommend getting the free month subscrition just to watch this show. It follows 8 different artists from 8 different mediums. Its inspiring, refreshing, and beautifully shot!
I have done you the favor of attach the link for the free month subscription:


stray rats

Our generation sucks sometimes but one of the times is doesn’t is when we birth things like this amazing company called Stray Rats. Stray Rats is a clothing, web, and creative house. These two guys came out of the hardcore scene and are doing amazing things, most recently identity design for designing raps biggest star, Drake. 

here is an interview with them:

Stray Rats


Designspiration is a really cool site for design projects, kind of like pintrest but all design work. 

“Designspiration is focused on maintaining a high level of great design inspiration to share around the world.”

Check out them out:


What Youth

One of my favorite publications of all time. What Youth is an online and print publication (currently released issue 17) based in Newport Beach, CA. The publication covers everything from surfing and skating to music to interviews with artist, graphic designers, and anything in between. There online content and visuals are awesome but they still believe in the power of print and it shows. 

Aaron Draplin


  • This is an interview with designer Aaron Draplin from The Great Discontent, an online publication from Frank Chimero. 
  • I found this article super cool because Draplin shares some gems about being a self-taught artist who has gone to work with giants like Nike and Ford Motors. In the interview he walks through his process of becoming a designer. Draplin speaks honestly not, in this posh or over-the-top know it all tone and it’s inspiring and refreshing.