The Time

Through the process of this class I learned that, like many things, good work takes time. I learned that graphic design is not as simple as a few clicks and some photoshop effects but that it is hours of thinking and designing. The process of design I learned in this class has helped me with time management when it comes to my creative process. I am thankful for the projects, the deadlines, and the tools that this class came with. I am excited to step more into design and creativity.

The Class

This graphic design class pushed me to my design limits and also opened me up to the new possibilities of design. I learned how to use different programs and use different colors while also learning how to professional create design concepts. Projects like the logo design presnetation all the way to the journal assignments opened my mind (and eyes) to the possibility of design. This class will help me through the rest of my career and beyond.

The Foil

This project of creating foil into a design piece was the most challenging for me. I did not want to do something typical and I also wanted to push myself a little away for my love of black and white design colors. So I picked colors I liked and pieced together this project. It is one of my favorite projects of this whole class.

The Book

This was my orignal concept for my book cover. I got a lot of feedback telling me to go with this sketch but I just didn’t feel connected to this concept. I want to do something that was more my style but that also stretched my creativity…

So after a lot of thinking and staring at a blank Indesign page I came up with a concept I really liked and that conncected to my style but also really, really challenged me.


The Face


I did a magazine from the 1980s called The Face for my design history essay at the beginning of the semester. I loved the style of the covers and the style of photography. The magazine was so raw and real.

I made a replica of the magazine but using present day people and films. It was amazing to make something like that and be creative with the pictures and news we have today.