Reading Notes Ch. 5

  1. A grid can be organic
    • In my design process, I want to learn how to use a grid for order but also so I can create organic forms that break out of the grid
  2. The width and height of columns varies based on what the designer believes looks the best
    • As a designer, I need to be aware that as I make changes throughout the design process that if I believe something does not look good it probably does not look good.  When making columns, I need to use creative freedom to make it look appealing to an audience
  3. Grids can be combined to create certain looks
    • The design process needs to include outside of the box thinking where I understand how to combine different grids to serve a particular purpose
  4. Grids guide the placement of images
    • Even if there are no images in place, creating a grid that provides an idea of where images will go allows for more efficiency and can result in a better design.
  5. How columns interact with text and negative space is important
    • Pay attention to how negative space draws attention to certain bodies of text within a grid compared to other bodies of text
  6. Do not let the grid confine the design
    • The grid is a helpful tool to create a platform for the layout but a dull design will be created if you stick to the confinements of the grid.
  7. Rearranging the position of information can create an unexpected connection between two pieces of information
    • The design process needs to include placing information in unexpected places with unexpected layouts if it will help to communicate the information more efficiently
  8. Text can be laid out to reflect a particular item or concept
    • Grids are a helpful tool but text can also be laid out in unique ways that completely break the outline of the grid
  9. Be careful when combining text and images
    • I need to make sure that when I am using text on an image that it is complimenting the message the image is portraying
  10. Square images limit text to either being a part of the image, separate from the image, or a mixture of both
    • I need to understand that when I integrate text with a square image that where I place the text communicates different messages.

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