1)clarity and decisiveness: I think this is super important because you as a designer you want your audience to see that

2)each of these things is unlike the other: This stuck out to me you want the objects in your art to have some type of identity and meaning even though it’s all on the same canvas. Everything intertwines and works together even if it looks different.

3)the line : This shows how everything is connected and gives direction. It can also help add a bit of style around other things in the art. I would definitely use this on some projects.

4)plane and mass:  This showed me how to make things pop out more. Because when you use the plane aspect it just a flat object. But when you give it mass it add another level to it. In a way its make 2dimensional.

5) symmetry & asymmetry: I think using this form can help people look at it differently because people are used to see things all look the same. But when you add asymmetry it makes people think why it looks different.

6)interplay makes a message: When adding different types of form that show different directions like the way they are rotated or overlapped. It shows a different level of how I can use things like mapping or dissolution or precision can make art manipulative.

7) Geometric Form: I think this was one has to be my favorite type of forms. Because when you add geometric it’s give it a hard-edged shape. I like the way the shapes look, and it brings tension to them like when using a circle or triangle.

 8)  Organic FormThis can sometimes be confusing because it as object but it looks different when you make just one solid color such a black. Some people can think something looks different because it doesn’t like what it is. These shapes would be like a leaf like from plants. They always look different. An example that is used a lot is nature.

9) positive & negative space: what I’ve learnes is that it okay if you have both. But you don’t want to have so much that it takes away from the focus.

10) surface activity: when making art this gives it like another dimension. It’s so creative and makes it pop. I hope I can do some art with surface activity to make it look different.

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