Chapter 1 Reading Notes

  1. Use the figure/ ground relationship to change the degree of activity in the design
    • During my design process, I want to work on taking the time to move shapes and objects around to make both simple and complex images.  I want to practice using space and size to change the degree of activity in my design.
  2. Interaction between shapes creates unique relationships
    • Rather than having shapes separated from each other, I want to try and connect shapes to help communicate my message.  I need to pay attention to how certain shapes interact together and how it influences the overall image.
  3. Using proportional systems to create relationships between shapes
    • I want to use proportional systems to create shapes but understand where the balance is between my image being proportional and static or proportional and dynamic.
  4. Creating contrast/”tension” with shapes
    • As I am designing, I want to work on creating tension with shapes rather than just with colors.  I want to use triangles, squares, and circles that interact with each other and create a dynamic image.
  5. Breaking space to create a dynamic interaction between positive and negative space
    • Using both small and large images I want to use positive space that interacts with the negative space. As I go through the design process, I want to find the best form of interaction that communicates my message.
  6. Arranging forms to create meaning
    • I want to use the arrangement of shapes and images to create movement. Specifically, I want to focus on using distance between images on the y, x, and z axis.
  7. Activating space by not blocking the movement of the eye
    • As I create my designs, I want to make sure that I easily draw my viewer’s eyes to the focus without blocking movement by my placement of lines and shapes. I want to work on using lines to create movement rather than to block the movement of the image.
  8. Creating emphasis through clustering
    • Rather than using color and size to create emphasis, I want to practice creating focus points by shortening the distance between shapes and images in my design. I want to use negative space to draw the viewer’s attention towards the cluster.
  9. Cerating meaning by making forms different or similar to each other
    • As I go through the design process, I want to be more aware of why I am making elements the same size, color or shape. While I’m in the design process, I want to adjust my thinking to see the importance of both similar and different objects.
  10. Making the composition “resolved” by making the purpose of each element clear
    • Although I understand how to create purpose in my design, I also want to be more intentional about making it easy for my audience to understand the purpose.

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