My Design Process

1)  pick colors on purpose

– This is important because If I just put a bunch of different colors together it doesn’t make sense. Colors can bring certain emotions or meanings. I think this is important because I don’t want to add just random colors together.

2)  negative space is magical – create it don’t just fill it up

– This will help me when I want show and define a object. I never really thought about how negative space affects an object. When it comes to negative space it Is important to notice that it any art that is created.

3) if you can do it with less then do it.

– I have learned that you don’t need to put so much stuff. It can be simple and still portray a message or have meaning to it.


4)  be universal that its not about you

-I learned that you need to remember it is not always about you. For example, You are trying to get people to go to a certain event like a festival. I need to focus on what the event is for and what the audience should and like to see. I need to realize that most of the time it is for an audience and telling a message.


5) be decisive do it on purpose or don’t do it at all

-This is a struggle for me because I am indecisive. I will like one thing for a moment and then want to change it up again. I have to learn to make clear decisions. I don’t want to show that I am not confident in my work. I want to show that I can do the work and have the audience believe in me.

6) create images don’t scavenge

-What I got from this was that I shouldn’t just rely on images such as stock photos. If I am going to use a certain type of image I should change it up and transform to how the client would want it to be. I feel like what this means is that it is alright to use an image but my own style to it by adding more details and certain things to it. I should customize so it looks different than the original image.

7) Use two typefaces families maximum

-I really haven’t done much that I have used different typefaces. But this does make sense because if you are using so many different typefaces it won’t look right. Font is really important whether it’s going on a poster or website. You want everything to sort of look the same but still using the same families.

8) Squish and separate

-This is something that I think every person has to play around with. It is important that some things on a design should be put closer together or farther away. Sometimes you don’t want to have so much together because it looks crowded.


9) Symmetry is the ultimate evil

-I never knew how much this affected when you are designing.  Not everything always has to be symmetrical. Everyone always does that so to be different you want your art to stand out. It gives you more freedom to express what you are trying to show.

10) Look to history but don’t repeat it

-This is super important to anyone who designs something. You don’t want to copy someone else’s work. I know there are times where I have liked something and wanted to do the same thing. But it would just mean I am copying someone. You don’t want to rip of someone else’s work. I think you can pull certain ideas and corporate them into yours but don’t do exactly the same.


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