Reading Notes Chap. 1

There were a lot of things to learn in this first chapter and many of them I have seen in varying forms of media but a few things stood out to me.

  1. I don’t quite understand the principal of Plane and Mass it seems to be too abstract for me to understand and hopefully we can go over this more in class.
  2. The Line seems to be one of the most simple and popular of design principals as it makes it easy to guide the eye in and then direct it.
  3. All of these lessons helped me understand how much goes into design. As such I plan on using more time to develop my own work.
  4. Activating space was one of the most interesting as it keeps the blank space but almost “breaks up” the blank space.
  5. Using inactive space to draw attention to the active space is a great way to grab peoples attention.
  6. I realized that without knowing what it was called I have helped my friends Instagram using Compositional Contrast to help her photos remain interesting.
  7. There is meaning in every design detail no matter how inconsequential it may seem to be, every shape has a purpose.
  8. I enjoy my compositions to be more unbalanced as it draws in more attention but seeing how balanced compositions work and to still be visually interesting has helped me to try something new.
  9. Compositions can have “movement” by introducing static elements.
  10. Overall this chapter has helped to enlighten me to new ways of laying things out and the basics of how to start them.