| CH. 3 NOTES |

  1. the nuts and bolts

letters at a standard reading size. the eye perceives letters to be all the same, weight, height, and width. This is the most critical aspect of type: stylistic uniformity discourages distraction during the reading process.

2.logo type

loose letter spacing makes a more distinct rhythm, and improves the legibility of the all uppercase setting and obviates spacing problems.


tightening or loosening spacing between letters corrects the awkward counter spaces inherent in their forms.

4. Case, weight, width,posture, and style

all very important things to learn about type that change the font drastically

5.Style classifications

classifying type helps a designer grasp the subtle differences among style, organizing them in a general way further helping select an appropriate typeface for a project.

6. What and why

selecting a typeface for its feel and mood for a particular style.

7. Combining type styles

the only reason to change a type face is to gain an effect of contrast,and so that the contrast achieved by the combination should be clearly recognizable.

8. Alignment logic


alignment of text has an effect on the spacing and within it and, therefore on the search for a desirable text setting.

9. push and pull

colons and semi colons need additional space preceding them and less space following them.

10. type is visual

acts as the same way that dots, lines squares, etc. do in composition. Type and pictures are equal players in design.


  1. Have a concept.

In order to be graphic design it needs to have a message. It has to have a purpose. This will definitely remind me that the message is the most important thing that needs to be conveyed.

2.  Communicate don’t decorate.

I think this is something I tend to struggle with. I love making something look aesthetically pleasing and struggle with the amount of information the client wants to be on the poster. As much as I would like to decorate and make it look nice I need to that the client wants to communicate rather than have a pretty poster.

3.Use two typeface families maximum 3.

Totally agree that when there are way to many typefaces, it tends to look like the creation doesn’t flow or come together. I want to learn more about which typefaces go best with each other. I tend to stick with the same two that I know look well together.

4.Pick colors on purpose.

I love color pallets! I definitely lean more towards earthy, muted tones and love combining them together. It’s so important to have colors that go well together and even match the mood of the message the client is trying to achieve. I want to be able to branch out of my go to earthy,pastel colors to be able to excel in work where pastels, muted, earth tones aren’t the clients favorites.

5.If you can do it with less, than do it.

Simplicity can be better than having something very decorated. If the same message or story can be told using less then do it that way. More doesn’t always mean better.

6. Negative space is magical…

I love using negative space, it kind of goes with the point of simplicity. Using negative space can help those viewing the graphic design to easily distinguish the message of the design. The message is very clear when negative space is used.

7.Treat the type as an image…

Type is definitely as important as an image. If there is too little/much it or too little/big and doesn’t flow with the rest of the design, as a whole it will look off. Type is just as important as an image.

8. Type is only type when it is friendly.

Completely agree, you can have something that looks great together, but if the type is illegible then the graphic design has failed to reach it’s purpose.

9. Be universal; remember it’s not all about you.

I definitely want to grow in this class to be universal, I love the style that I currently know but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I want to learn to create things that are outside of my comfort zone.

10. Look to history, but don’t repeat it.

I think it’s awesome to look at work from the past as inspiration, but it’s definitely important to not copy it.