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Cool Find!

I have encountered many poster pieces that have geometric shapes in them and shapes like these give the design more edge. However, this semester, I had come across this poster and could not stop marveling over it. I love it when design has a 3-dimensional illusion to it. It gives the piece more life to it.


You can never go wrong with pinterest. This sight is very helpful when creating mood boards or you’re just simply looking for some inspiration for your work. I highly recommend creating account if you do not have one already! Many of my projects derive from content I find here on this site.


These were a couple of the photos that did not make the final cut to my Personal Aesthetic Project. I had removed these photos from the collection because it conflicted with my negative space vision. This applies more to repetition, so it would have only ruin the composition of the whole project.

Lighting is Key

I admire the lighting to headshots similar to the one below. It gives a more defined look into the model’s features and it just enhances their beauty. I tried to achieve a composition similar to this just to see what it would be like. The process was definitely difficult because it requires a lot of trial and error to obtain the look you want to capture. 

Herbert Bayer: Newspaper Stand

During our Graphic Design History Essay assignment, I came across this piece by Herbert Bayer. This piece caught my attention because of its dimensionality and its simplicity. This influenced my aesthetic, because I had realized how much I admire simple designs and compositions.


The main reason that I registered for this class was that I needed three more units to meet my emphasis requirements and this section fit my schedule perfectly. Coming in, I knew that some of the material would be challenging, as I don’t consider myself the most technologically savvy person. After we began the course, I knew that learning how to use programs like Illustrator and InDesign would be tough, but I also saw the benefit to gaining the skills it takes to use those programs. Looking back on the class, I’m glad that I was able to experience and learn about not only those programs, but also the nature of the creative process that designers have to implement in their work each and every day. The challenges that this class presented only helped me grow as a student and I hope that they will even serve me as a professional in the future.

Personal Aesthetic Photography

Although simple, this was a fun assignment for the fact that it gave me a chance to roam around Fashion Island looking for unique design elements that I normally may not pay attention to. I tried to capture a diverse set of pictures, but the things that recurred the most in my photos were texture, line and geometric shape.

Identity Design

The identity design project was definitely one of my favorite assignments. Again, I was able to use my sketching skills to help create some of the designs that we came up with. Miranda and I were able to collaborate easily and effectively, and I thought the final designs we came up with were strong. Going through the process of documenting our design process, illustrating our image concepts, and then putting together a presentation for a real client was a great experience and extremely beneficial.

Magazine Layout

Honestly I was fairly nervous going into the magazine layout project, knowing that it was going to be done strictly on InDesign. I was able to work through problems I encountered and come out with a finished product, even though I knew it had some major flaws. Receiving feedback on the assignment is what helped me the most, as during the process I was struggling to come up with creative ideas for how to align the text and images from my article. Even though the final product was adequate, I am happy I went through this process, as this assignment proved to be a learning experience more than anything else.

Book Cover

The book cover recreation was probably my favorite of the major assignments we did. As an artist, my best skill is probably my ability to draw, so I knew I was going to approach this project from an illustrative perspective, rather than a strictly digital one, which I was excited about. Being that the book I chose is particularly old, I was aiming to create a cover that looked a little dated but also sarcastic, given the satirical nature of the story.